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What we are.


ZONO is a premix cocktail solution invented to make it easier for everyone to create a perfect drink.


We've worked hard to make it as smooth and efficient as possible for you to experience our products.

Once you've got your hands on a bottle of ZONO, the only thing missing is a glass and a soft drink.


We mix the drink for you, with premium products, so you don't have to.

No measuring glass, no googling recipes, no trial and error - just ZONO.


With ZONO Cocktails you can SERVE classic cocktails with the right ingredients- as it should be done.


Professional mixology results every time.

Mixed with love from the heart of Sweden.


Who we are.


We're a small company from the heart of Sweden created by three friends. We have a passion for food and beverages and in particularly - cocktails.


The idea of starting this company came after a night out clubing with an awful line to the bar which ended with a crappy drink. What if there was a more efficient way for the bartenders to make delicious cocktails? We went to the drawing board and created a product that not only made bartenders more efficient, but made it easier for people to serve great cocktails at home.


ZONO was born!


Today we have an assortment of 13 classic cocktails, but we are expanding with new ideas every day.

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